Soap Subscription (4 bars every month)

Soap Subscription (4 bars every month)


Our 80g soap bars have been hand crafted in the West Country using 100% natural ingredients. 


The base of all the soaps is grass fed tallow that is blended with botanical infused British rapeseed oil. These two ingredients offer fantastic moisturization and a gentle foam whilst you cleanse your skin. 


Tallow has been used in skincare for centuries and is often seen in high end make up and skincare (look for Sodium tallowate) It contains skin loving vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E and K and it has a very similar molecular structure to our skin cells, making it very compatible with our skin. 


Each scent is created using british botanicals and ingredients, most of which have been foraged for by hand. For example, the rosehips are foraged by hand in rural Somerset, whilst the cider is a by-product from a beer maker that would otherwise have been thrown away. However it works a treat in our orange and cider soap! 


Some soaps are decorated with real flower petals, whilst others have exfoliating ingredients such as poppy seeds and charcoal grinds. 



This soap is scented using Geranium essential oil. Its powerful fresh scent is both minty and herby at the same time. It's a great soap to use to help awaken the mind and body. This soap is also adorned with dried geranium flower petals.



This dreamy lavender soap bar is scented using lavender essential oils and is adorned with real dried flower petals.  Lavender is renowned for it's calming properties and powerful calming aroma. Our lavender soap bar is a vibrant lavender scent with hints of fresh herbs. 



This zesty Lemon Verbena soap bar is scented using Lemon Verbena essential oil and elderberry tea. This gorgeous scent takes us back to our travels to Morocco when we sat at a cafe in the market square of Marrakech sipping a comforting Lemon Verbena milk drink.  Citrus scents are renowned to uplift and energize the mind and this soap bar will awaken you as you cleanse. 



This soap is scented using zesty orange oil, clove oil and British cider. This soap won't make you tipsy but will have the beautiful scent of apples and oranges and leave you feeling refreshed rather than hungover ;)



This soap is scented using fennel extract. The heady scent of fennel has an anise herb scent. It's a beautiful botanical scent that reminds us of cutting herbs in our garden or the smell of english hedgerows.  This soap is also peppered with poppy seeds that gently exfoliate the skin as you cleanse. The addition of local beer helps cleans away dead skin cells and has added vitamins in it. 



This Soap is scented using Tea tree essential oil. This oil has a fresh herby scent and is renowned for it's antibacterial properties.  The black colour of the soap comes from charcoal which is detoxifying on the skin. The soap is also peppered with small pieces of charcoal to aid with exfoliating the skin as you cleanse.  This soap is also adorned with dried flower petals


This subscription is for 4 bars of tallow soap monthly. Meaning you can use some and gift some ;) Fragrances will be unique but random. 

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