Grey recycled glass Origami vase

Grey recycled glass Origami vase


These beautifully crafted glass vases are made of 100% recycled glass.


Their unique shape has many differant facets and catch the light wonderfully. They are named 'origami' vases as the varying facets resemble folds and creases in paper. 


Each recycled glass piece is enriched with a vibrant colour and looks wonderful filled with flowers or displayed as a decorative piece as they are. 


Glass is one of the most sustainable products on Earth and can be re-used endlesssly without reducing its quality. Choosing these recycled glass tumblers over new ones is a small step in to making our planet a more sustainable place to live.


The recycling process of glass is a perfect circle and a clear example of sustainability. A lower temperature is needed to melt the glass and a lot of energy is then saved. Residues going to landfill are dramatically reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimized.


The saved energy in recycling 3 bottles is enough to:

  • Charge a smartphone battery for one year.
  • Maintain a low consumption light bulb on for 9 days
  • It is equivalent to the energy needed for 3 cycles of a washing machine




Height- 16cm

Width- 9cm

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